4 pit bulls abandoned on side of road in Spring Valley

4 pit bulls abandoned on side of road in Spring Valley

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Sarah Restori was on her way home Saturday night on Buffalo Drive and Twain Avenue when she saw four pit bulls on the side of the road. She would soon realize it was a mom dog with three puppies left stranded in the cold without food, water, or shelter.

“I pulled over and then determined that these dogs were dumped in this dark area with just desert and no lighting and no homes around,” Restori shared. “The mom dog gave me kisses and the puppies were shivering but super sweet.”

After three hours, Metro police showed up to help followed by Animal Control who took over after that.

Nilou Safaie, who helped Restori with the rescue, said she has seen this type of situation too many times while driving around the valley and wants people to be more vigilant and report incidents like this.

“People that do that have a heart of stone,” Safaie said. “The least they can do is go to the shelter or rehome the animals as there are tons of rescues and social media groups who can help,” she added.

Safaie is not alone in her thinking as 8 News Now reached out to the NSPCA who confirmed that during the holidays, pet abandonment is higher.

“During this time of year with the current economic crisis with inflation, we’ve never been busier with more people wanting to give up animals,” Lori Heeren with the NSPCA said.

Clark County Animal Protection Services confirmed with 8 News Now that the four dogs are now under a 72- hour hold but will soon be up for adoption at The Animal Foundation if unclaimed.

8 News Now reached out to The Animal Foundation in hopes of meeting the four pit bulls, but were not able to, however they should be available for adoption later this week.

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