'Yeah, I'd like to make a withdrawal,' accused bank robber takes $274 from teller

‘Yeah, I’d like to make a withdrawal,’ accused bank robber takes $274 from teller

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Police said suspect told them he needed to pay some bills

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A man who allegedly robbed a North Las Vegas bank in early December wore a shoulder-length black wig and distinctive red sneakers but left his face uncovered which helped police identify him and eventually take him into custody, according to an arrest report.

Chad Michael Nichols, 43, was arrested on Dec. 12 as he tried to flee from his residence when police served a search warrant. He is facing charges of robbery and burglary of a business and it appears this isn’t the first time.

The arrest report said when Nichols went into the bank he approached a teller and said “Yeah, I’d like to make a withdrawal,” and then he handed the teller a note that said, “Give me all the money in the top drawer” and then shoved the $274 and note into a pocket.

The suspect’s face was captured on surveillance video and police were able to come up with Nichols as a possible suspect. According to court records, he had a bank robbery arrest in 2018 in Henderson. The documents do not indicate the end result of that arrest.

Nichols reportedly recently lost his job due to an accident and was abusing pills, according to a statement to police from someone who appeared close to him.

When police arrested Nichols, the report said, he told officers they could find the wig in his car and he was currently wearing his red sneakers. The report stated he told police he was “out of work as a truck driver and needed to pay some bills.”

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