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Joe Biden is a success? | LETTER

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I was taken aback recently by Democratic strategist Susan Estrich’s Tuesday commentary, in which she states that Joe Biden will and should run again because he has had a remarkably successful presidency. I do understand that people of different ideologies see the facts differently, or at least try to. However, her statement lacked any examples as to why he has been successful.

The only point Ms. Estrich made was that his disapproval ratings have bottomed out and now a few less people think he is a bad president than used to. He is still at record lows. An improved disapproval rating is not success. Inflation is still at 40-year highs, gasoline prices are 36 percent higher than when he took office, we have record illegal border crossings and the highest crime rates in recent history. If that’s success, I can only imagine the horror should the Democrats consider him a failure.

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