'Somebody just needs to do something and we're just really asking for help, anyone,' Residents dealing with homeless problem in Sunrise Manor

‘Somebody just needs to do something and we’re just really asking for help, anyone,’ Residents dealing with homeless problem in Sunrise Manor

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — After contacting police, the HOA, and the property owner, neighbors in Sunrise Manor said they are still having trouble dealing with the homeless surrounding the development.

Break-ins, homeless fires, and trash left behind are just several of the incidents residents have had to deal with for several months, as only a brick wall separates the homeless encampment and the Brookfield community.

Omar Jones has lived in the neighborhood off of Pecos Road and Lake Mead Boulevard for three years and said the homeless started moving into the back lot last year.

“One time I got a call from my wife, and she was face timing me and showing me the fire is up above the wall and at this point, you’re talking about a 12-foot fire that they started,” Jones said.

He is not the only one experiencing problems. Jennifer Beltran lives behind the wall as well and worries about the safety of her children.

“They broke my back window. We called the police, and they never came or even called back,” Beltran said. “We put extra cameras because of that same reason and there’s a camera facing them, and the police only came like at 3 a.m. because they tried to rape a lady who lived right there so the camera got that.”

Gray Stojanovich became homeless in February 2021 after his home was foreclosed. He and his wife temporarily live in the middle of the lot and plan to move out soon.

“All the areas around here where people were living in has started to get developed and there’s more homeless coming into this area,” Stojanovich said.  “It’s a big problem over here and there were so many open spaces, but now they’re closing them up and kicking everybody out and this was the last lot there was.”

Stojanovich said many homeless people suffer from mental health and substance issues. With nowhere to go, he said most homeless people stay put until they are kicked out.

“I don’t know what to tell you, I’d be concerned too if I was a neighbor. I was a homeowner before,” Stojanovich added.

Jones said police cannot evict those living on the lot, as it is private property. So, Jones contacted the property owner, Amen Incorporated, and spoke with a representative.

“We talked to him over the last six months about this issue and he was telling us that he’s going to have an assistant come check on it and that’s what makes me believe that he doesn’t even live here,” Jones said. “So, he doesn’t understand the severity of this.”

Jones also contacted his HOA, which is Thoroughbred Management, as they would like additional security patrolling the neighborhood. 

“They told us they would talk to the board members, but no board member has reached out yet, like I said this has been an ongoing problem for 6 months now,” Jones added.

A word of advice as Jones wants to warn others so this situation doesn’t happen to you. He recommends checking out the area you live in first.

“Before you sign your home documents, check that they’re on the correct terms and agreements with the HOA because our HOA isn’t doing their job and also try to get on the board and the committee,” Jones explained. “That’s what I’m trying to do now to make some changes around here. Somebody just needs to do something and we’re just really asking for help, anyone.”

For now, Jones said he feels stuck and is running out of options even after contacting his HOA, Thoroughbred Management, and the property owner, Amen Incorporated.

“I don’t even know what to say right now, I just think we need help either from the community or the city of Las Vegas or if our jurisdiction is the city of North Las Vegas, I would like help from them,” Jones added.

Beltran is also at a loss for what to do and is unsure if the city or county will help.

“I mean we talked to the HOA, they didn’t do anything, to the property owner, he doesn’t care, the police, he doesn’t care. What makes me think they’re going to care?” Beltran said.

Thoroughbred Management told 8 News Now they are aware of the problem and have asked the property owner Amen Incorporated to address the issue. 8 News Now also contacted Amen Incorporated for an update and is still waiting to hear back. 

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