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The Review-Journal is too far right? | LETTER

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I don’t normally like to challenge another letter writer, as everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. But Richard A. Hebert’s Dec. 15 letter identifying the Viewpoints section as being filled with right-wing pundits — and his attack in particular on syndicated columnist Victor Davis Hanson — is utter poppycock.

Mr. Hanson is probably one of the most brilliant journalists in America. His credentials are impeccable. He’s written numerous books and essays, including several for the far-left New York Times. He is widely recognized as a thought-provoking historian at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He hasn’t always leaned to the GOP either — just since the growth of democratic socialism, which is so prevalent in the Democratic Party today.

As to the Review-Journal leaning to the right, I’d suggest to Mr. Hebert count the number of Associated Press articles that appear in the front-page section every day. That organization is certainly far left. Then look at the Las Vegas Sun, which is included in the Review-Journal daily. The next article it publishes that supports the right will be its first this year. Next, I’d suggest Mr. Hebert review the political stories published by the Review-Journal for two months prior to the midterm election. He’ll find well more than 90 percent leaned extremely left.

I guess any article that doesn’t support Mr. Hebert’s position must be “disinformation” and should be suppressed. I’m glad I don’t live in that country … at least not yet.

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