Las Vegas shoppers snag post-Christmas deals

Las Vegas shoppers snag post-Christmas deals

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The day after Christmas is a busy one for many retailers as shoppers are looking to snag some deals and discount items.

Shopper Matthew Hoffman headed straight for Pop Shack and came out with the very thing he wanted.

“Pop shack was doing 15% off and I had some Pop Shack dollars that were going to expire on the 31st so I figured I’d come get a good deal,” Hoffman said. “I got a predator action figure. I’m a big predator fan. He lights up and he’s big and ugly and massive and nasty and it’s my favorite thing.”

Not only did he save a few bucks, but he will get his money’s worth in a few years.

“With these guys, specifically the NECA predators, their value definitely goes up after purchase, after retail and they don’t really make a lot of them after they’re initially released so they are kind of hard to find,” Hoffman explained. ” I have a big collection.”

Several stores down shopper, Rodneisha Olden, did not mind standing in line to get into Bath and Body Works.

“We came for the Bath and Body Works deals. They got 75% off to 50% off and it’s the only deal they have for the rest of the year,” Olden said.

It has become a tradition to shop after Christmas to find gifts for the whole family, without breaking the bank.

“It was amazing. We saved a lot of money. I think we saved about $89 today,” Olden added.

Elizabeth and Anna Shacon popped into the Boulevard Mall excited to see what they could find.

Elizabeth said she has also seen many people shopping around and also returning gifts but said customers need to be aware they might not always get cash back.

“Instead of doing cash, you get vouchers or store credit. Or an exchange. So instead of getting your money back, you have to get something else in the store,” Shacon explained.

Or at some stores, you might not get anything back at all.

“All sales are final so you have to be for sure if you want to buy it or like me, I just do gift cards. You can’t go wrong with a gift card,” Shacon said.

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