Ex-Las Vegas Raiders employee files lawsuit against team over discrimination claims

Ex-Las Vegas Raiders employee files lawsuit against team over discrimination claims

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A former employee of the Las Vegas Raiders is suing the organization, claiming she was discriminated against after she complained to management about pay disparities, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

The lawsuit, filed with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, said that Nicole Brown-Adams was employed with the raiders since February 2016 and worked in human resources.

Two months after being promoted in June 2020, Brown-Adams complained to management after she noticed a female attorney was being paid less than her male counterpart. Shortly after, the organization began an “investigation” into her use of relocation bonus checks for corporate housing, which it did not do with any other employee, according to the lawsuit.

The organization then soon after gave Brown-Adams warnings for extending job offers, using payroll software, and collaborating with outside vendors related to background checks for incoming employees, according to the lawsuit.

All of the actions Brown-Adams received warnings for were part of her job duties and responsibilities, the lawsuit said.

She received a final written warning on Oct. 30, 2020, and was terminated on Nov. 19, the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit went on to allege that Brown-Adams’ termination was related to her reporting of issues with personnel.

“Here, Plaintiff participated in a ‘protected activity’ when she informed management of the personnel issues [she] was having while performing [her] job as a Production Supervisor. Specifically, Plaintiff informed management of the racially motivated language, the insubordination and the safety concerns,” the lawsuit said. “Plaintiff’s termination was casually connected to her protected activity.”

The lawsuit requested a jury trial and for Brown-Adams to be rewarded for compensatory damages, lost pay and attorneys’ fees.

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