Family searches for answers 1 month after Las Vegas father of 4 is killed in stabbing

Family searches for answers 1 month after Las Vegas father of 4 is killed in stabbing

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas family is asking for help in getting any information that could lead to the arrest of a person who killed their loved one.

Marco Hornsby, 39, a Las Vegas father of four children was killed in a stabbing in late November.

The deadly stabbing happened near Bonanza and Maryland Parkway.

On Thursday, Marco’s brother Mario and his family gathered at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department headquarters looking for an update on the stabbing that took his brother’s life.

“The information they’ve been given us has been somewhat vague,” Mario said.

“They tell us they have a suspect, we don’t know who the suspect is,” he added. “The issue right now is locating the suspect.”

In response to the Hornsby family’s concerns, police told 8 News Now an arrest warrant had been issued.

Mario added that Marco’s death had left a hole in his family and is being felt acutely during the holiday season.

“He was always one of the first ones to give that phone call in the morning to wish you a happy holiday or happy birthday, or just see how you was doing,” Mario expressed.

The Hornsby family told 8 News Now reporter Joshua Peguero that they want answers on what happened the night of November 23rd that led to Marco’s death.

Moreover, they have asked the public to come forward with any information, so they can get some closure.

According to police, Marco was in a fight with another man at his apartment and he ended up getting stabbed.

The person who reportedly committed the stabbing left the area before police arrived.

Marco’s father, Howard Hornsby said he was with his son, a few hours before the murder.

“Me and him were close, he always called me,” Howard told 8 News Now. “We would ride and do what we had to do and stuff, it’s kind of hard.”

The family has asked the public to call the police or Crime Stoppers of Nevada at 702-385-5555. Those who have information on the crime can report tips anonymously.

“Nothing is going to bring our brother back, unfortunately. But we want to know who or whoever is responsible for this, is going to answer for what they did,” Mario Hornsby said.

Police haven’t released the person’s name on the search warrant, due to it being an active investigation.

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