Fewer people in Las Vegas receiving COVID vaccine booster

Fewer people in Las Vegas receiving COVID vaccine booster

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Whether it’s a common cold, the flu, or COVID, this is the time of year that many are getting sick.

While many out there are dealing with some sort of illness, not receiving additional vaccinations is becoming more commonplace.

According to the CDC, 63% of people living in the Las Vegas area are fully vaccinated, while only 26% are boosted. Since 2021, there have been three boosters released.

Dr. Jonathan Baktari, CEO of e7 Health, has his own theories on why the boosters are less popular.

“You already took two or three vaccines and then you got COVID and so it’s hard to convince someone to go get a booster,” he told 8 News Now. “Especially one that doesn’t even cover the current strain.”

The latest estimates from the CDC show XBB is the prevailing variant in new COVID cases.

The number of cases has dramatically decreased compared to the height of the pandemic, and many people have already been vaccinated.

This additional booster will theoretically give people additional protection however, the new booster vaccine covers the Omicron variant that was more prominent last year.

The CDC said 80% of the population is partially vaccinated within the U.S., with 68% being fully vaccinated.

Despite hospitalizations being up slightly, experts with the CDC do not believe this variant carries a greater danger than any other variant.

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