8 tips to make holiday gift returns, exchanges hassle-free

8 tips to make holiday gift returns, exchanges hassle-free

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Are you dreading the return or exchange process now that you have received your holiday gifts? 8 News Now has eight steps to make the process hassle-free.

First, make sure you pay attention to deadlines. Most major retailers offer flexible return policies during the holidays. For example, Walmart accepts returns through Jan. 31 however, Apple cuts returns off on Jan. 8.

Second, make sure to give your return some thought. Before rushing to exchange a gift, request merchandise credit instead and cash in on your credit later.

“Get more bang for your exchange dollars by shopping sales, clearance racks, or looking for coupon codes. Couponfollow.com. they organize coupon codes by store name,” consumer savings expert, Andrea Woroch said.

Every time you make an exchange, turn it into cash back. Take a picture of it using a cash-back app like Fetch Rewards to earn points towards free gift cards to a variety of merchants like Amazon and Target.

You may have to pay a restocking fee for some returns. However, hold onto all packaging and try to negotiate the fee if an item was faulty.

Make sure to keep those receipts organized.

“If you make a return without a receipt, you might not get the actual value of the item that the person paid so make sure you hold onto gift receipts. Tape them to packages, great way to avoid losing them,” Woroch said.

If you purchased an item you cannot return because you missed the deadline or are missing packaging, check your credit card’s purchase protection policy.

“Call your credit cards issuer, some may extend. You’ll just have to do it through the credit card company,” Woroch said.

Last but not least, check your statement for returns. Use an app like Mint to track returns on your debit and credit card which alerts you when a return is posted to your accounts.

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