Bail set at $200K for accused Las Vegas serial rapist

Bail set at $200K for accused Las Vegas serial rapist

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19-year-old took plea deal last fall

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A judge set bail Wednesday at $200,000 for a man accused in three separate cases involving sex crimes against women within six months.

Lavontae Stuckey, 19, was in Las Vegas Justice Court on Wednesday on his latest case after police said a third woman came forward.

Stuckey was first arrested in July for second-degree kidnapping with the use of a deadly weapon or tear gas. A woman said that she had met Stuckey on the dating app Tinder and they agreed to go to the parking garage at the Strat hotel, according to an arrest report. She told police that Stuckey then locked her inside the car with him, demanded oral sex, and claimed he had a gun.

Stuckey pleaded guilty to false imprisonment in November and received credit for time served in jail. He was not sent to prison.

Lavontae Stuckey is accused of sexual assault and robbery with a deadly weapon. (LVMPD)

Stuckey was then arrested on Dec. 15 after a woman reported that Stuckey sexually assaulted her near Tropicana Avenue and Arville Street by The Orleans, just more than two miles from the Las Vegas Strip.

The woman told detectives Stuckey pulled up next to her and two other sex workers and asked for oral sex in exchange for $100, according to an arrest report. After he pulled into a parking garage, the woman said that Stuckey demanded oral sex without paying, told her that he was a pimp and that the woman would work for him as a prostitute.

She told detectives that Stuckey advised her of “rules,” including that she would stay with him at the Cosmopolitan hotel to work as a prostitute, post advertisements online to get clients, and that Stuckey would provide “protection.”

Stuckey then threatened the woman that she “would now be his prostitute or her would shoot her,” according to the arrest report. The woman said Stuckey kept the car doors locked, demanded money, and then sexually assaulted her. After convincing Stuckey that she needed to stop at Chevron, she locked herself in the bathroom and called for help, according to the report.

In an interview with police, Stuckey admitted to picking up the women, according to detectives. The arrest report also points to Stuckey’s first case involving the same vehicle police tracked him down in at the time of both arrests. 

“During this event, Stuckey was alleged to commit a sexual assault against another female at The Strat parking garage… in a black 2015 Cadillac CTS. The details of the arrest alleged that Stuckey also pretended to have a firearm and demanded the victim to give him oral sex without a condom,” the report stated.

Detectives referred to a pattern in the details of both cases and wrote that they “establish a propensity for violent sexual assaults with a firearm.”

Stuckey was arrested on two counts of sexual assault with a deadly weapon, second-degree kidnapping with a deadly weapon, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, and sex trafficking of an adult.

A third woman came forward on Dec. 27, according to Metro police. She said while she was engaging in prostitution at an intersection near the Orleans Hotel in June or July of 2022, Stuckey pulled up in a black Cadillac and agreed to pay $80 for oral sex, police said.

The woman also said that Stuckey parked in the Orleans parking garage, demanded oral sex, locked her in the car, acted as if he had a firearm, punched her in the mouth, advised that she was going to work for him, demanded money, and sexually assaulted her, according to the arrest report. Stuckey eventually unlocked the doors and the woman escaped, she told police.

She also told detectives that she saw Stuckey’s license plate on Twitter where other sex workers cautioned that Stuckey was raping women, according to the report.

The woman identified Stuckey in a lineup, police said. The arrest report also pointed to Stuckey’s alleged “repeated use of violence against his victims” that has compelled them to “perform sexual acts on Stuckey against their free will and out of fear for their lives.”

Stuckey faces additional charges in the third case, including sexual assault with a deadly weapon, first-degree kidnapping with a deadly weapon, robbery with a deadly weapon, and sex trafficking of an adult.

Stuckey’s next court date is set for Feb. 8. The judge said the latest two cases will likely be combined.

Metro police are asking any other potential victims and/or anyone with information to contact detectives at 702-828-3455.

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