Las Vegas couple attacks officer in Walmart, police say

Las Vegas couple attacks officer in Walmart, police say

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A police officer was assaulted by a Las Vegas couple in a Walmart after investigating a found wallet with crystal methamphetamine inside of it, according to the Mesquite Police Department.

On Jan. 2 around 9:30 p.m., a Mesquite police officer was dispatched to a Walmart to investigate a found wallet that had crystal meth inside of it, according to police. The officer eventually located the owner of the wallet and the meth, identified as Renee Horvath, 49 of Las Vegas.

When the officer attempted to arrest Renee she pulled away and resisted arrest. Her husband, James Horvath, 51, of Las Vegas, began to yell at the officer as she continued to resist arrest, according to MPD. A nearby couple stepped in to help by physically holding James away from the officer.

James was able to break away from bystanders and proceeded to tackle the officer off of Renee. The male bystander then jumped on James to pull him off the officer and to stop any further attacks.

Renne attempted to attack the officer again however the female bystander grabbed and stopped her, police said.

The officer stopped James by deploying his taser while the bystanders stopped Renee, according to police.

Renee is facing the following charges:

  • Resisting a police officer
  • Obstruction
  • Felony battery on a protected person
  • Felony possession of illegal drugs
  • Felony possession of an ID with the intent to defraud
  • Felony obtaining and using personal identifying information of another
Renee Horvath, 49, of Las Vegas (Credit: Mesquite Police Department)

James is facing charges of resisting arrest, obstruction, and felony battery on a protected person.

James Horvath, 51, of Las Vegas (Credit: Mesquite Police Department)

The Mesquite Police Department thanked the bystanders for their brave acts to help protect the officer and invited the couple to its annual police banquet.

“No amount of training or equipment can prepare our officers for every situation, especially when they are outnumbered. There are rare instances that we need the public to physically step in and help us. When those dire circumstances occur, we are even more grateful. I always say how supportive our wonderful city is. Community members Anthony and Cassie Gill are a perfect representation of the support we have,” Chief MaQuade Chesley stated. “I personally reached out to the Gill family to thank them and invite them to our annual police banquet where they will be honored for their courageous actions.”

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