'Red hot' jobs to watch out for in 2023

‘Red hot’ jobs to watch out for in 2023

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— With a tough economy, inflation, and job cuts, workers are looking to expand their careers and income in the new year. So, which careers are considered “red hot?” And what’s the outlook for upcoming graduates?

According to the World Economic Forum, emerging jobs are in the digital space.

“Data science, digital marketing, AI, these are the kinds of roles that are really growing according to Microsoft,” Betty Vandenbosch, COO of Coursera, said. “More than 100 million jobs will be in these fields by 2025.”

She has been monitoring a growing trend with job-relevant degrees that shows more people are looking for classes and certifications in business, technology, and data science, over other career paths.

Reports from Glassdoor and Indeed indicate 2023 will see employers vying for top talent to fill a tight labor market. Numbers from the National Association of Colleges and Employers show the number of graduates hired will sit about 15% higher than last year, in what’s considered a “very good” to “excellent” job market.

For those who want to feel out a potential career in any of these fields, Vanderbosch suggests learning some of the skills online.

“One really exciting trend is that companies are starting to recognize the value of industry micro-credentials, IBM, Meta, Google, and Intuit offer these certificates on Coursera, and companies are recognizing their value.”

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