Lombardo takes aim at regulations, barriers to hiring workers for vacant jobs

Lombardo takes aim at regulations, barriers to hiring workers for vacant jobs

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Executive orders issued Thursday by Gov. Joe Lombardo take aim at government regulations gone wild, seeking to halt them in their tracks and streamline government.

Lombardo is seeking to remove what he sees as a major obstacle to hiring talented people for vacant jobs in Nevada. Regulations over occupational licenses — such as rules that have kept out-of-state nurses from working in Nevada — are among the targets.

Lombardo is also calling for a freeze on all new regulations while starting a thorough review of all existing regulations.

“Every executive branch department, agency, board and commission shall undertake a comprehensive review of the regulations subject to its enforcement,” with a May 1 deadline for completion, according to Executive Order 2023-003.

Lombardo wants each department/agency/board/commission to provide a list of at least 10 regulations recommended for removal.

The new executive orders come a week after Lombardo issued his first two orders:

  • An end to COVID-19 mandates issued by former Gov. Steve Sisolak
  • A call to fill state workforce vacancies and get state workers back to work in person, normal office operations by July 1.

Today’s executive orders:

The new executive orders follow a statement during Lombardo’s campaign that he intended leave office with fewer regulations than when he started.

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