'When he disappeared, so did my car,' Man attempts to get car back from Henderson mechanic, DMV investigates

‘When he disappeared, so did my car,’ Man attempts to get car back from Henderson mechanic, DMV investigates

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Two months after 8 News Now first shared his story, a Henderson man is still trying to get his car back from a local mechanic. 

“Nothing has changed,” Aaron Schlivka said of his situation. “When he disappeared, so did my car.”

Schlivka said he originally took his car to Duaine’s Automotive in Henderson in November 2021 and paid part of the quoted price upfront for a new engine, but it was never returned. 

He hasn’t seen his 2018 Hyundai, which he is still paying monthly payments on, since then. 

“Dropped it off thinking everything was going to be fine,” Schlivka said. “And it has just been a nightmare ever since.”

“Contact our insurance company, they say they can’t do anything,” he added. “So, we still have to continue to pay for everything.”

After 8 News Now’s first story with Schlivka, others reached out to us, dealing with similar situations. 

On Thursday, the Nevada DMV Compliance Enforcement Division said there’s now a stop on the garage’s business license, which was also expired. 

A representative also said the division is actively working on recovering cars, like Schlivka’s, that are still in Duaine’s Automotive’s possession. 

“Hopefully something is going to happen,” Schlivka said. “Put this guy out where he can’t do this to anybody else.”

He told 8 News Now he is happy to see some action taken, but he is still desperate to get back what is rightfully his. 

“Get it over with, give us our stuff back,” he concluded. “Let’s move on.”

Though Duaine’s can no longer accept new customers, those who have spoken with 8 News Now in the past still do not have their cars back.

Those dealing with a similar situation can contact Nevada DMV Compliance Enforcement Division.

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