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After a string of vehicle break-ins near Red Rock, here’s how to keep yourself from becoming a victim

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A string of recent break-ins has struck the Red Rock area, with many reports on social media of people losing their wallets, purses, or tools from their vehicles.

“That’s what they do is scout the cars to see if they see anything valuable and then bust out your windows and take it,” Donnie Howard, a tourist from Indiana, said.

People are now thinking about how to protect themselves.

“The one thing you can do is think about how you can prevent a break-in,” Julius Zsako, a tourist from Denver, said. “If you have any belongings, you can hide them in the car, so they are not visible and enticing someone to look at. Of course, keep your car locked.”

John Washco, a former police officer, was visiting from Cleveland. He said it’s unfortunate for this to happen in such a beautiful place like Red Rock.

“When you’re victimized, whether it’s violent crime or something like this, you still carry that feeling of some criminal violating your car, house or whatever it is. It’s just a terrible feeling.”

Despite the recent reports, it’s not deterring these tourists from visiting the area.

“It’s absolutely amazing. I haven’t seen anything like this,” Howard exclaimed. 

To ensure you don’t become a victim of a vehicle break-in, remember these three tips:

  • Lock your vehicle when you leave.
  • Hide anything that is in your vehicle.
  • Take your valuables with you.

If your car has been broken into around the Red Rock area, please report it to the Bureau of Land Management.

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