Henderson trade school aims to fill in-demand jobs

Henderson trade school aims to fill in-demand jobs

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A trade school in Henderson is offering fast-paced training to help fill the demand for trade jobs.

“You could get wet, you can get cut, all that could happen here,” said Hugo Clavigo, a plumbing student at the National Technical Institute (NTI).  “I’m not a book person, I can’t sit in a community college for 4 or 3 years to get my hands on. “

It’s a 4-month trade school specializing in electric, HVAC, and plumbing.

“During the pandemic, I worked with my father-in-law, and he has his handyman license and he brought me on board,” Clavigo explained. “Hopefully once I’m out of here, I can work for a business and the goal is to become my own boss eventually.”

Labs at NTI ensure students are ready for real-life scenarios like labeling and wiring, so your home runs safely and smoothly.

“I was a plumber first, became an instructor, and became the director, so when I talk to the students, I know what they’re looking for,” Kodi Wilson Henderson campus director said.

 He is positive his students are more than likely to land a job.

“We get calls from companies all the time asking how many people can you send us. How many people graduated in the last couple of weeks? We’re essentially handing out jobs,” Wilson said.

Wilson said in a few years there will be many baby boomers retiring from the workforce and with a trade shortage already in place there will be a high demand for these types of jobs.

“The trades are where we need to be, otherwise, we’re going to see some more essential things skyrocket in price. If you think going to Whole foods is tough, your plumbing bills are going to be six or $7,000, and your HVAC bills are going to be $20,000 because there’s nobody to do the work,” Wilson added.

Despite the short-term training, you can still expect a long-term impact on your future.

“I’ve had a lot of graduates that are out there and successful already. In their first year, they’re making more than any job that they’ve had before that,” Wilson expressed.

Those interested in learning more about the National Technical Institute can click here.

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