Leak leaves Las Vegas gas pipeline dry

Gas leak shuts down fuel pipeline to Las Vegas

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Pipeline runs from California into Nevada

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo and Clark County both issued states of emergency Friday night as a result of the Kinder Morgan gas pipeline disruption.

The pipeline is one of two feeding storage tanks in southern Nevada with gasoline and diesel fuel. The fuel then is transported to gas stations.

The Kinder Morgan pipeline runs from southern California into Nevada. It provides 90% of Clark County with its fuel needs. A second pipeline runs from Utah.

To avoid unnecessary shortages, Lombardo strongly urged southern Nevadans to avoid panic buying while awaiting repair timeline updates.

The emergency declarations allow for waivers to suspend federal hours-of-service regulations to facilitate gasoline deliveries.

The leak was discovered Thursday, forcing the entire pipeline to shut down, a filing said.

“Tonight, I am declaring a state of emergency for the fuel pipeline leak impacting Southern Nevada. This emergency declaration will allow us to receive federal waivers and resources as we navigate the evolving repair timeline, and it will allow us to increase transportation of fuel by other means during this time. As we continue to monitor this dynamic situation, our office will remain in constant communication with Kinder Morgan, the Nevada Division of Emergency Management, and Clark County officials. Once estimated repair times are finalized, our office will provide an update. To avoid any unnecessary shortages, I strongly urge all Las Vegas residents to avoid panic buying while awaiting repair timeline updates.”

Gov. Joe Lombardo (R-Nevada)

“In coordination with Governor Lombardo, Clark County has issued an emergency declaration to allow for additional resources for southern Nevada to help address the impact to fuel transmission in the region. Through this declaration, the county is asking for the state to help lift restrictions on trucking and other delivery methods to bring fuel into Clark County. This leak has not impacted the supply of fuel, but rather the method in which this fuel normally comes into southern Nevada. Clark County is in regular communication with Kinder Morgan and they are working as quickly as possible to repair the leak. This declaration allows for our region to leave no stone unturned as we seek to continue to provide unleaded and diesel fuel to our residents as well as our emergency response providers.”

Jennifer Cooper, chief communications & strategy officer, Clark County

Representatives from Clark County said earlier Friday that emergency managers were aware of the leak.

The statement went on to say that officials were monitoring the situation, adding that they believe the county has an adequate supply of gasoline and that an impact on fuel availability is not expected.

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