Businesses prepare for profit possibilities during Las Vegas’ first Super Bowl in 2024

Businesses prepare for profit possibilities during Las Vegas’ first Super Bowl in 2024

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Millions of Nevadans shelled out millions of dollars to watch Sunday’s Super Bowl.

When it’s in town next year, businesses are expecting an even bigger touchdown in profit.

This year, the Retail Association of Nevada (RAN) predicted 1.9 million Nevadans would tune in.

Collectively, they predicted that to translate to nearly $160 million worth of spending on food, TVs, furniture, and team merchandise.

Per-person spending is up too, as the National Retail Federation found through a recent survey that average national viewer spending reached $85.36 this year, an over 8% increase from the reported $78.92 last year and nearly a dollar short of the reported amount pre-pandemic.

These are increasing signs that businesses say positively point to historic profit next year.

Standard Restaurant Supply on Russel and Valley View is a few blocks away from Allegiant Stadium, the home of next year’s game.

The smallest of valley food trucks, to the biggest of Strip restaurants, get their supplies from Standard Restaurant Supply on Russel and Valley View.

Mike Spellman and Kathryn Justice say, for them, Super Bowl LVII was a profit-touchdown, even if it was hosted a state away.

“We can get it for you, from the smallest toothpicks to the biggest equipment,” Spellman, the inside sales representative, said overlooking the warehouse Monday morning.

“We’re right here. So, those last-minute things that anybody needs too. As we get closer to the Super Bowl, it’s exciting because we can help,” Justice, the branch manager, added.

They say they began preparation talks for next year’s game half a year before this year’s game. The business joins several others, both near and far from the stadium, doing the same.

“They’re already working with some of their customers, and we’re already working with our corporate office just to kind of make sure we’re sitting in a good spot come fourth quarter next year,” Justice said.

“We’re hoping to see double the profit for us. Which, at the very least, would mean huge profits for our local businesses, for our local restaurants,” Spellman added.

Although RAN does not have spending predictions for Super Bowl LVIII yet, an economic report by Applied Analysis predicts an over $600 million impact on the valley.

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