Voucher program to cut costs for electric trucks, buses introduced at Nevada Legislature

Voucher program to cut costs for electric trucks, buses introduced at Nevada Legislature

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — How long before EVs are part of your life? Carbon-footprint evangelists and people who can afford new electric vehicles are already on board, but another nudge toward the future could be coming as medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks become more common.

A bill introduced Thursday at the Nevada Legislature would create an incentive program that offers vouchers to be applied toward the purchase of these trucks. The Clean Trucks and Buses Incentive Program will be funded by the federal government and is expected to be available starting early next year. Assembly Bill 184 (AB184) provides the framework and some rules that will be in place once federal money becomes available.

You’ve already heard about a Clark County School District electric bus. Tesla has delivered the first batch of its Semi truck line to Pepsico. Those trucks are already in use in Sacramento after rolling off the production line in Nevada, and a recent announcement indicated Tesla is ramping up production in a brand new factory near its Gigafactory east of Reno. Trucks are coming sooner than later.


AB184 will set aside “35% of the allocation of federal money to this state for the federal Carbon Reduction Program.” That could be a lot of money.

8 News Now has reached out to AB184’s sponsors to see how much money is expected to be available in Nevada. Funding for the entire program is currently at more than $1.2 billion per year beginning in 2022 and ending in 2026.

The bill also specifies that the truck must be purchased by an “entity” that already uses a gas- or diesel-powered truck in Nevada, and an application for a voucher must be completed.

AB184 also specifies the new truck/bus must be operated in Nevada for at least five years, it must go at least 5,000 miles a year (or 1,000 hours per year), and it must be operated within the state 75% of the time.

Applications will be reviewed quarterly, and vouchers will remain valid for one year. The vouchers are redeemed through the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

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