Las Vegas senior living residents fear for safety after string of thefts, vandalism

Las Vegas senior living residents fear for safety after string of thefts, vandalism

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Jeannie Rains is just one of many residents at Los Pecos Senior Apartments who told 8 News Now she fears for her safety on a daily basis after a string of recent thefts and vandalism hit the complex.

On Sunday, residents reported that dozens of cars had tires slashed at the complex.

“No security, no cameras, break-ins, cars stolen, cars vandalized, name it, we’ve had it,” she expressed.

On Monday, her neighbor Karen Hoffman was on her way to work when she noticed she had a flat tire, along with two other vehicles next to hers that had their tires slashed.

“I took it upon myself to walk around and see how many, I counted 29 on the whole property,” Hoffman shared with 8 News Now.

Within the last week, three other people claimed to have their catalytic converters stolen, with several other residents having their cars stolen altogether, including Victoria Martinez, another resident at the complex.

Residents had contacted police and the complex management team but still said they feel like nothing is being done to help.

“I came out in the morning and my car was gone, they broke the door, they broke the ignition, and messed it up inside,” Martinez said. “My rental’s tires were slashed so I couldn’t even use it this morning.”

8 News Now tried contacting the community management team but due to the national holiday, the office was closed.

“We all called corporate, that fell on deaf ears,” Hoffman added.

“We go in there and they say yes, we’ll deal with it, or they don’t even listen,” Rains expressed.

As for getting proper security on the property, residents told 8 News Now that they have asked repeatedly but are told that the cost of getting security is too high, and even stated that they aren’t allowed to install their own security devices even at their own expense.

Management on the property claimed it violated other tenants’ privacy, according to residents.

8 News Now plans to reach out to GSL Properties, the owners of the complex.

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