Biden administration 'transit ban' reason to fear president, Nevada group says

Biden administration ‘transit ban’ reason to fear president, Nevada group says

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Biden administration’s Tuesday announcement that it will generally deny asylum to migrants at the U.S. southern border without first seeking protection in a country they passed through was met with a critical response in Nevada.

“As we looked up to Biden during the 2020 presidential campaign, now we fear him,” said Erika Marquez, Immigrant Justice Organizer with Make the Road Nevada.

Stricter border controls and the “transit ban” revived Tuesday are the opposite of what the group wants to see from the president.

“Thousands of asylum seekers will suffer devastating harm as a result of today’s proposed asylum ban, which violates U.S. law and treaty obligations,” Marquez said in a news release. “Our country must ensure asylum seekers have due process to enter the country and have an opportunity to present their asylum claims. Rather than implementing this proposed policy, we urge the administration to refocus its efforts on supporting asylum-seekers and restoring access to asylum.”

The transit ban mirrors an attempt by the Trump administration that never took effect because it was blocked in court, according to a report from The Associated Press.

The effect of the policy imposes severe limitations on asylum for any nationality except Mexicans, who don’t have to travel through a third country to reach the U.S.

The measure is almost certain to face legal challenges.

The Biden administration rule proposed Tuesday has to first go through a 30-day public comment period before it can be formally adopted. If adopted it would remain in place for two years.

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