NPR cuts won't affect Nevada station

NPR cuts won’t affect Nevada station

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — News Wednesday out of Washington that National Public Radio will be cutting 10% of its workforce because of declining advertising revenue doesn’t mean cuts for Nevada Public Radio.

Mark Vogelzang, KNPR’s chief executive, said the decision in Washington won’t trickle down to his Las Vegas station (88.9 FM).

“We’re different organizations,” Vogelzang said, emphasizing that what’s happening with NPR isn’t necessarily what’s happening with KNPR. “These are macro issues affecting a national, global business environment in media space.”

NPR CEO John Lansing, in a story by David Folkenflik, a correspondent based in New York City for the national media nonprofit, said that cuts will mean layoffs for about 100 people and eliminate most vacant positions.

Much of the eroding revenue, the story said, is for NPR podcasts. According to the report, Lansing said on an annual budget of roughly $300 million, revenues are likely to fall short by close to $30 million, although that gap could reach $32 million.

Vogelzang said KNPR has roughly 40 employees and 10,000 donors and it still is hiring for the few openings it has in sales and development.

“Still filling positions,” he said. “Most of our focus is on hiring in revenue generating positions.”

Vogelzang, who joined KNPR in March 2022, said his focus continues to be investing time in the station’s donors and supporters.

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