Clark County residents seek help after experiencing symptoms to burning trash

Clark County residents seek help after experiencing symptoms to burning trash

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Burning eyes, dizziness, and nausea are just some of the symptoms residents described experiencing in the past month.

Some residents living near U.S. 95 and Russell claim the symptoms come from a strong chemical odor due to trash burning near their homes.

8 News Now spoke with Sandy Welch who said she and her neighbors felt sick due to the smell.

“I thought it was a chemical spill. I called the fire department and said I smell this really strong, chemical odor outside my front door,” she stated. “They came over and investigated, and they told me that it was most likely chemical fumes from the homeless that were burning trash in the flood channel.”

Welch also said she had to go to urgent care on February 4, due to extreme dizziness.

Her neighbor, Kerry Cashwheeler said she experienced her own symptoms similar to Welch’s.

“Burning eyes. burning nose. Sore throat and my lips will start burning,” Cashwheeler said.

According to Cashwheeler and Welch, Clark County Fire Department confirmed the smell was from the homeless burning trash.

While this isn’t a property issue, but a county problem, their property development team knows about it.

“I’ve been inside the whole time, I’ve been feeling so terrible, I couldn’t walk to my mailbox without wobbling,” Welch expressed.

Cashwheeler and Welch will now contact their county commissioner to see if the problem can be resolved.

8 News Now reached out to Clark County and plans to speak to Jim Gibson commissioner about what can be done in his jurisdiction.

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