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East Palestine and government regulations | LETTER

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I can’t tell you how much I appreciated Michael Ramirez’s Tuesday cartoon with the black cloud over the White House marked “The Regulatory State” and a firefighter saying, “Talk about a toxic cloud.” Mr. Ramirez summarized the overreach of the regulatory state.

The good people of East Palestine, Ohio, know better than anyone what serious problems overregulation can cause. They know there’s nothing wrong with a 151-car train, 9,300 feet in length, weighing 1,000 tons, hauling 11-cars of toxic chemicals and relying on braking systems from the 1880s. They know that when a wheel bearing on that train heated up by 215 degrees in 30 minutes, it was government overregulation that forced Norfolk Southern to allow it to remain under the threshold to set off an alarm and force the train to slow.

Yes, overregulation is a problem every American has to put up with 24/7/365. It’s a miracle so many of us have managed to survive.

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