A winter storm and gas stoves | LETTER

A winter storm and gas stoves | LETTER

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It is perhaps of import to note that of the 19,000 Nevadans who lost power last week (“Winter storm causes outages, closures,” Feb. 23 Review-Journal) those with gas-powered ranges in their homes were able to cook a nice dinner for their families even if meals had to then be eaten by candlelight. Just sayin’ …

I admit that my wife and I prefer to cook with electricity, so I checked to see what it would cost to upgrade the wiring in our condo and then replace our gas range, water heater and clothes dryer with electric appliances. Try $20,000 to $25,000, assuming we didn’t want anything too fancy.

As there are roughly 200 units like ours in this complex, figure between $4 million and $5 million just to convert this one small development to electric. And that doesn’t include the cost of upgrading the entire power supply to the complex itself so it can then safely deliver the needed electricity to all these units.

Rumor has it that our government is willing to cover these costs for us. Seems to me though that somewhere along the line I heard that, yes indeed folks, the government is us.

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