CCSD elementary school encourages good behavior with a book vending machine

CCSD elementary school encourages good behavior with a book vending machine

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Many Clark County Schools participated in Nevada Reading week to highlight the importance of reading, students at Bozarth Elementary School told 8 News Now they are excited about reading year-round. 

In Ms. Amanda Gubler’s library, reading is a big deal for the students. 

“You get to recognize more words and know them more and more “Nicholas Furtado, a second grader said. 

Their library has plenty of choices for students to borrow a book from. 

However, the students at Bozarth Elementary are getting their first book to keep through a book vending machine. 

“I was so excited,” Autumn Furtado, a second grader said. 

The parent-teacher organization for the school fundraised money to get this book vending machine. 

“There were three or four slots empty, and it was full this morning,” Amanda Gubler, the librarian said. 

“You get to keep the books when you want to read them,” Nicholas said. 

The vending machine doesn’t take cash or card, it only accepts gold coins. 

You can get the gold coin, only if you have saved up 20 champ tickets, but those are given out based on good behavior. 

“Being quiet in class and participating in specials,” is how Brody Cullen tells us he saved his up champ cards. 

On Tuesday, while 8 News Now was at the school Brody finally had enough tickets to get a gold coin and was able to use the vending machine for the first time. 

Unlike the library, students do not have to return the books they get from the machine, it’s to encourage students and parents to read together at home more. 

The vending machines can cost around $5,000. 

Clark County School District told 8 News Now, individual schools can use their supply budget or fundraise for them. 

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