Man hopes to inspire others with his walk from LA to Las Vegas

Man hopes to inspire others with his walk from LA to Las Vegas

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Man hopes to inspire others with his long walk

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Cody Hofmockel started his journey of recovery in 2020 when he reached out for help with his substance abuse issues. That journey has taken him up and down the entire West Coast mostly in a car. But then he got the idea to do it again but without a car.

He started his journey on foot from just outside Los Angeles on February 27 and walked all the way to Las Vegas. He arrived on foot on March 7. The more than 200-mile journey took him through some serious weather and introduced him to some great people. He even found some interesting things along the way including a horse skeleton.

He documented the journey on TikTok and his recent video amassed almost 2 million views. He’s now promoting his nonfiction podcast series THRU which documents his life post-recovery and his hikes on the Pacific Crest Trail. He arrived just in time for Podcast Movement Evolutions, which is a convention about podcasting.

Hofmockel hopes his journey of recovery and newfound social media fame will help inspire others that there is help out there. For more information about substance abuse recovery, click here.

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