Supreme Court ruling impact on birth control provider

Supreme Court ruling impact on birth control provider

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A handful of women filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas over its abortion ban. Texas is among the 12 starts with the most restrictive abortion rules. 8 News Now took a look at the impact the Supreme Court’s ruling has had on one online birth control provider.

Dr. Sophia Yen is the CEO of Pandia Health, which is the only doctor-led birth control delivery company. Business has skyrocketed for the company since the summer when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, giving each state the authority to set its own abortion policies.

“But I think women had a wake-up call where if you can’t access abortion. You better get your birth control under control,” Yen said.

Pandia Health automates that. The company delivers to 50 states and its mission is that no one runs out of birth control on their watch.

“We saw the numbers go up three times and we didn’t expect that in liberal states like New York where they have pharmacies on every corner so they don’t need us,” Yen said. “We remind you two months before, one month before, one week before, ‘Please see your doctor.’”

In 15 states, including Nevada, experts with Pandia Health can write patients a prescription. Yen said in today’s world, women have got to be prepared and protected.

If a patient has suffered from a bad experience with side effects from the pill in the past, she said there are plenty of options.

“There are 40 different pills if you don’t like one, there are 39 others. Please see a doctor, don’t just give up and be like ‘I tried the pill, bye-bye.’”

Yen also added that it is wise to use two forms of birth control.

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