New spot promotes Las Vegas Strip Sphere as construction continues

New spot promotes Las Vegas Strip Sphere as construction continues

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new commercial to promote the Sphere at the Venetian Resort, currently under construction on the Las Vegas Strip, will air Sunday during the Academy Awards festivities.

According to a release from MSG Entertainment, the company building the giant orb at the Venetian Resort, the video visualizes “the complex algorithms and mathematics that bring the science behind every aspect of Sphere to life.”

The spot shows numbers and complex equations that eventually transform into structural beams that take the shape of a glowing blue sphere, which is ultimately revealed to be the eye of an “I, Robot” style futuristic android, who looks directly at the view, smiling, and saying “Vegas, baby, Vegas.” A title card over a concept image of the venue appears, announcing the “Sphere” and saying that “the experience begins this fall.”

Recently it was announced that U2 would open the Sphere later in 2023. The event is set to bow in the fall as the Irish rock band’s “Achtung Baby” series of shows promise to be their first live outing in four years, the U2 website says.

In recent days, officials have begun testing the Sphere’s massive LED screens. According to the supplier of the venue’s panels, the 580,000 sq. ft. of LED will become the largest screen in the world when complete.

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