Doctor advises more sunlight amidst time change

Doctor advises more sunlight amidst time change

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the Las Vegas valley prepares to welcome spring, it’s “hello” to darker mornings and lighter evenings. However, those changes are said to come at a cost. 

“There is evidence of heart attacks and strokes the week following that transition, ” said Dr. Gregory Schneider with Roseman Medical Group. 

Dr. Schneider said the alarming medical trend is because of the hour of sleep lost when spring daylight saving starts. 

A seven-year study published by the National Library of Medicine said many patients were admitted for atrial fibrillation during the week following the switch to daylight saving time. The study noted that women, mainly, saw a higher increase in those medical issues. 

“This hour shift is particularly disruptive because it changes our whole exposure to light during the day,” Dr. Schneider said. 

The doctor said there are ways you can help your body adjust. As a person spends Sunday evening getting ready for the work week, the doctor said to get as much sunlight as possible before bed. 

As many Clark County students are on spring break, Dr. Schneider suggests keeping students’ sleep schedules as close to standard as possible.

“They don’t have to get up at six but try not to make it noon,” he said. 

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