New bill would allow good samaritans to break car windows to save child or pet in distress

New bill would allow good samaritans to break car windows to save child or pet in distress

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In Nevada, vehicles can heat up quicker than in other parts of the country, which raises concerns if a child or pet is left inside.

Now a new bill is being discussed in the legislature that could give the power to save a child or pet in distress.

“It would mean everything, probably life or death,” said resident Glen Lanier.

According to an average of 38 children across the county die of heat stroke every year after being left in a car.

Lanier told 8 News Now he would jump into action to save anyone stuck in a hot car.

“I would probably just live with it if they wanted to litigate or sue me for breaking a window,” Lanier said.

With a new bill being discussed in the Nevada legislature Lanier might not have to be worried about getting in trouble.

SB 190 would protect anyone who broke a window because they found a child or pet in a car under extreme weather conditions.

Before you jump in to break a car window you have to do it safely, so no one inside gets hurt.

Lanier owns Main Gate 2.0 LLC, a salvage yard, and gives some tips.

“If you have a hammer or a tire iron I would step back out of the way and just give it a nice hard hit,” he said.

You may have a hammer in your car, but you could also buy a tactical pen. They weren’t very expensive, but very effective.

You want to aim for the corner of the window because that is the weakest part of a car window.

Experts say you have to break the window that is furthermost away from the child that way they are not hit with glass.

Thursday’s hearing of SB 190 was just the first part of this bill.

There were many people present including the Animal Humane Society and a representative from Metro police. The hearing did not have any opposition.

With this bill, a person can only break a window if the car is locked, and after it is broken the person has to stay with the child or pet until the police arrive.

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