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‘Disabled tourist’ has no idea what he’s talking about | LETTER

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As a 63-year-old man who has had to use a wheelchair my entire life, I was appalled by Ruben Navarrette’s column in the March 8 e-edition. A few comments:

The term “physically challenged” is an Orwellian, liberal construct, just like mutilating children is called “gender-affirming care” or murdering innocent babies in the womb is referred to as “health care.” Most of us have no issue with being referred to as “disabled.” It is, after all, called the “Americans with Disabilities Act.”

Furthermore, his use of the term “ableism” (another nonsensical word from his liberal cronies) is insulting to those of us who live honorably every day with our disabilities. With that absurd word, Mr. Navarrette turns all of us in the “tribe” into victims. I assure we are not.

No, 2023 America is not an “ableist” country, just like it is not inherently racist.

Finally, Mr. Navarrette was physically challenged only for a brief portion of his life. He should not be so arrogant to believe that 12 years of difficulty walking makes him one of us, or to use his term, “one of the tribe.” He has no idea what it is like to actually be disabled.

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