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Legislative Democrats don’t trust Nevada’s parents | LETTER

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Victor Joecks’ March 8 column (“Nevada GOP leaders need DeSantis’ courage”) was eye-opening. Can there really be state legislators attempting to bring critical race theory and radical gender theory directly to our schools across the state? Come on, no way. But, let’s check and see.

Here’s Senate Bill 172. It “revises provisions governing the ability of a minor (anyone under 18) to consent to certain health care services for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.” No parental knowledge required.

Then there’s Senate Bill 163. It “requires certain health insurance to cover treatment of certain conditions relating to gender dysphoria, gender incongruence and other disorders of sexual development.” Again, no parental knowledge required.

There are sure to be more bills that will directly affect the lives of kids and their parents. Time for all parents and grandparents to keep in touch with what our legislators are trying to do to our kids without our knowledge.

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