Las Vegas man arrested, charged with killing friend while high on mushrooms

Las Vegas man arrested, charged with killing friend while high on mushrooms

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas man faces an open murder charge after he allegedly shot and stabbed his friend while “f—-d up on shrooms,” according to an arrest report.

On March 12, at approximately 1:50 p.m., officials from an area hospital called Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department dispatch after a man walked into the hospital with a gunshot wound on his face, according to the report. Police identified that man as Paul Abercrombie.

Medical staff told officers that Abercrombie had been dropped off at the hospital around 7:00 a.m. They believed him to have been the victim of battery and were not aware that he had been shot until a scan was taken on his face and head, the report stated.

Source: LVMPD

According to the report, Abercrombie told medical staff that he had ingested psychedelic mushrooms and that the last thing he remembered was making music with his friend at his apartment near Owens and H streets.

An unidentified witness told police she received a call from Abercrombie at approximately 5:30 a.m., saying he was “f—-d up on shrooms.” According to the report, he told her someone had tried to rob him, so he killed them.

The report states that the witness and her husband drove to Abercrombie’s apartment, where they saw blood on the nearby steps. Upon entering the apartment, they “saw blood all over.”

Abercrombie allegedly pointed a gun at the couple, repeatedly yelling “no” at them before they fled. They did not call the police, the report indicates.

According to the report, Abercrombie then left his apartment, where he was seen by an LVMPD patrol officer who attempted to stop him. Abercrombie ran from the officer and eventually got into the backseat of a car of someone that he knew, police said.

The officer spoke with the vehicle’s driver, and the two thought that Abercrombie had fallen or been hit by a pole, the report said. The driver then drove Abercrombie to an area hospital.

According to the report, Abercrombie told the driver that he and the victim, identified as Christopher McCary, had been inside the apartment making music when McCary allegedly tried to rob him. Abercrombie then said that he shot McCary and that McCary shot him during a struggle with a gun, police said.

At the hospital, Abercrombie would not speak with detectives and asked for a lawyer, the report indicates.

The report states that officers conducted a welfare check at Abercrombie’s apartment at around 5 p.m. on March 12. Officers found blood “throughout the apartment” and McCary’s body, kneeling with his face on the couch and a knife on his back.

McCary’s girlfriend and mother arrived while officers were investigating the scene. According to the report, they told officers that they could not contact McCary and used the “Find My iPhone” feature, which took them to the apartment.

According to the report, McCary received a call from Abercrombie around 3 a.m. He told his girlfriend that Abercrombie had sent him a “beat to rap to,” and he was going to his apartment to make music. She told police that Abercrombie and McCary had been friends since high school, police said.

The report states that a knife and a 9mm handgun were recovered from the scene.

During McCary’s autopsy, the coroner found that he had been shot three times and stabbed six times. His manner of death was determined to be a homicide.

Abercrombie was arrested and charged with open murder with a deadly weapon.

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