Non-candy, eco-friendly Easter basket ideas

Non-candy, eco-friendly Easter basket ideas

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Many families may still have leftover candy from Halloween and Valentine’s Day. As Easter approaches, the leftover candy stash will continue to grow. 8 News Now has solutions that the kids will love, but won’t break the bank.

Non-candy Easter baskets can be for all ages with prices ranging from $3 to no more than $20. Parenting and lifestyle expert Amanda Mushro loved the idea of giving pre-schoolers, toddlers, and early elementary school kids dough for fun tactile sensory play.

Land of Dough is an eco-friendly option, even the glitter is compostable.

“My son always loves this, they give you little shovels, and as you dig, still bright and colorful, the bunny and peep are so adorable,” Mushro said. “It’s only $2.95 and I love the idea. It’s inexpensive and super cute.”

Tile building blocks are another affordable option. Kids can get super creative with the latest device from Magformers.

“My teen and tweens can’t keep their hands off of these, and think about for Easter brunch, then they have something to keep them entertained,” Mushro said.

A more comfortable option is Huggers by Wild Republic which are soft and plush and filled with recycled plastic.

“Little arms, in 40 different characters, give them a little hug, put on a basket, on a stroller, on a bike,” Mushro said.

Most of these items can be found on Amazon.

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