Life finds a way as Jurassic Quest arrives in Las Vegas

Life finds a way as Jurassic Quest arrives in Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Life — uh — finds a way over the weekend in Las Vegas as what organizers call the nation’s largest traveling dinosaur experience arrives at The Expo at World Market Center.

“We’ve worked with paleontologists to make sure these dinosaurs are accurate,” said “Dino Dustin, a dino trainer. “These are not your movie dinosaurs these are dinosaurs as they would be on earth 165 million years ago.”

Visitors will get a chance to meet Trixie, a six-week-old baby triceratops and one of three baby dinos available at Jurassic Quest.

“You can get an up close and personal experience here at Jurassic Quest with them,” said “Brainy” Beth, dino trainer at Jurassic Quest. They do love a good photobomb so they’ll pose in a lot of your selfies for you.

Additionally, visitors can work with the experience’s two Utahraptors Jojo and Diego, and become dinosaur trainers.

A discount code is available to get tickets to the Jurrasic Quest experience. Enter the code word “RAPTOR” for 10% off the event. The event runs from Friday to Sunday and tickets are available at the Jurassic Quest website and the event is free for children younger than two years old.

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