Letters to Las Vegas shooter beg him to 'not go on a shooting rampage' months before 1 October 

Letters to Las Vegas shooter beg him to ‘not go on a shooting rampage’ months before 1 October 

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Just over a week after more FBI documents were released, letters sent to Stephen Paddock suggested he discussed his plans for a mass shooting with friend and ex-convict Jim Nixon.

Paddock, 64, shot more than 1,000 rounds from a Mandalay Bay Hotel room on October 1, 2017, killing 58 people and hurting hundreds. Two other people also died from their injuries at a later date.

The letters, which are dated between 2013 and 2017, cover a myriad of topics, starting with the two men’s business dealings.

Many passages focus on Nixon’s ‘concern’ for Paddock based on his recent actions.

In one letter dated May 27, 2017, Nixon said Paddock sounded like ‘a real mad man’ on the phone and said he could get someone to help him.

Nixon then goes on to say “I believe you are going to commit a shooting. If you are, please don’t shoot or kill innocent people.”

In another, Nixon said, “Steve, I believe you should turn yourself in for the murder you told me you committed in 2012.”

He then said, “Were you telling me the truth? Did you really kill a person for practice?”

Several other letters include Nixon begging Paddock to ‘not go on a shooting rampage’ with one specifically saying, “What kind of killing are you going to do?” and ‘Why concerts?”

Nixon told Paddock to ‘be cool and stop acting crazy.’ He then said, “You are not going to war with anyone,” adding “You are not going to kill 100 people. Why?”

Another letter goes on to say “Steve, you said that I was the one who kept you from doing something bad for the past four years. Why not wait until I get back and you and I will sit down and discuss it?”

Nixon referred to a prison sentence he was reportedly serving in 2017.

In addition, Nixon also made many references to Paddock’s weapons, saying Paddock had been ‘buying them like a Four-Star General who is about to start a war.”

He also suggested Paddock ‘call ATF to request clearance on the guns’, referring to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Several letters also closed with Nixon asking Paddock to ‘please get help, tell him his plans and talk to someone.’

For more on the documents released by the FBI in March regarding Paddock, click HERE

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