Solar company delivers on promise to North Las Vegas homeowner

Solar company delivers on promise to North Las Vegas homeowner

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas solar company came through on its guarantee of “a resolution of some sort” for a homeowner in North Las Vegas in the wake of an 8 News Now Investigation.

Jon Taccona and his wife switched to solar electricity in their home in 2021, but they say they never saw the savings they were promised. Taccona was pleading with Renewable Energy of Nevada, a company that convinced them to convert to solar energy, and with Titan Solar of Nevada, to correct the problem. After he shelled out some $26,000 on the original system, Renewable Energy gave him another quote for approximately $14,000. Taccona tried to contact Titan Solar to no avail.

But prior to the 8 News Now Investigation last Friday , a spokeswoman from Titan Solar guaranteed the Tacconas that they would not have to pay that $14,000. And after a few days of investigation and discussion, Titan Solar agreed to install the additional panels at no cost.

“I would have been better off not doing it,” Taccona said in the first 8 News Now Investigators’ story that aired on April 7.

In addition to their monthly NV Energy bills being much higher than they were promised, the Tacconas took another financial hit when they switched to solar because they were on a monthly installment plan intended to divide their monthly payments equally. When they changed over, the entire balance for the remainder of the year became due, and Taccona could barely afford it.

“I didn’t know about that program that you had to pay them back,” Taccona said.

Before Taccona called the 8 News Now Investigators, he said that Titan Solar and Renewable Energy accused him of instructing the solar contractors installing the panels where to place them, which may be contributing to their high bills.

“I didn’t tell him where to put it,” Taccona said.

The spokeswoman from Titan Solar has since confirmed that the existing panels are in the right place. But she also confirmed that the system the Tacconas originally paid for was not powerful enough to do its job, and that is why the electric bills never decreased as much as they should have.

In the months leading up to the 8 News Now Investigation, the Tacconas filed complaints with the Nevada State Contractors Board and the Public Utilities Commission. The NSCB confirms an investigation is ongoing and Taccona said an investigator was at their home the next business day after the 8 News Now Investigation first aired. The PUC complaint resulted in the Attorney General’s office opening an investigation.

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