Juneteenth state holiday designation gets push from North Las Vegas

Lombardo tells lawmakers he won’t sign SB184, which adds 2 North Las Vegas council wards

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Gov. Joe Lombardo isn’t going to get involved in North Las Vegas politics, his office issuing a statement Tuesday saying the governor wouldn’t sign Senate Bill 184 (SB184).

The bill, sponsored by Democratic Senator Pat Spearman, would create two additional city council wards in North Las Vegas and require the city to set residency requirements for some appointed officials and measure the city’s efforts to hire women and minorities.

Spearman ran against Pamela Goynes-Brown in the North Las Vegas mayor’s race in November and lost. Goynes-Brown testified in opposition to SB184 in March, declaring that she wants all available money to go toward city projects — not “more politicians.”

Chief of Staff Ben Kieckhefer released a statement Tuesday: “Mayors throughout Nevada have made it clear that they value the voice of their constituents when considering changes to their city charters. The governor agrees. He won’t sign legislation amending city charters that hasn’t been through the established charter committee process at the local level. This process ensures all voices are heard before any changes are made to municipal governments. The legislature shouldn’t circumvent that process.”

The statement came as the Nevada Senate votes on bills, sending them to the Assembly for approval before they hit Lombardo’s desk.

SB184 was approved in committee, but hasn’t been voted on by the full Senate yet.

During the committee hearing, Republican lawmakers opposed the bill, saying the city charter committee needed a chance to work. Spearman was adamant that North Las Vegas was limiting charter committee meetings and questions from members. “This really is a matter of democracy,” she said.

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