Boulder City settles out of court; former employees sue over religious discrimination

Boulder City settles out of court; former employees sue over religious discrimination

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Boulder City Council approved a $1.7 million payout to the former city manager and the former city attorney after they were fired in 2020.

The two former employees claim they were fired due to religious discrimination.

Some residents were displeased with the amount of money settled with former employees.

“We’ve had several people comment including myself and former mayor Mcmannis and had lots to say about it and it didn’t seem to matter,” Boulder City resident Sharon Newby said. 

She added that she felt unheard after Tuesday’s Boulder City Council meeting.

Mayor Joe Hardy and members of the council made their final decision regarding a lawsuit between two former city employees.

In the lawsuit, Alfonso Noyola former city manager, and Steve Morris former city attorney were named as the individuals who sued the city.

Boulder City took the lawsuit to court with the Supreme Court giving Boulder City the option to settle by the month of May or have the court decide their outcome.

“We are a small city, and $1.7 million dollars is a lot of money,” Pat Murphy a resident shared.

In the end, the city decided to pay out Noyola and Morris which totaled just over $1.7 million dollars to settle out of court.

“It doesn’t seem right to do that without talking to the people of Boulder City about what the reasoning is,” she added. “Why did they decide not to take this to court any further?”

Murphy is curious as to where this money will come from. 

It’s a possibility that the city’s insurance will pay for it, but if that doesn’t happen, then it would come out of the risk management fund.

Joe Hardy Boulder City Mayor released a statement to 8 News Now which is provided below.

“I believe that it is in the best interest of all parties involved to put this behind us. Claims by affected parties are hereby resolved.”

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