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Can video games help with your ADHD?

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A clinical trial is underway in Las Vegas to see if playing video games could help someone with ADHD.

Several studies showed that less than 20% of adults with ADHD are aware that they have it and only about a fourth of those who do know are getting treatment for it.

“Never got the diagnosis, never sought treatment, once that happened, I thought I should have done that years before,” Kerstin Hazelbaker who was diagnosed with ADHD at 24 years old.

After Hazlebaker’s diagnosis, she signed up for a free clinical trial at The Center for Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine in Las Vegas.

She is now enrolled in a second trial under the care of Dr. Ann Childress who is an international specialist who treats ADHD. The majority of her practice is research-based and she has conducted hundreds of studies and worked with every drug used to treat ADHD on the market.

Dr. Childress said she is looking for applicants ranging from kids to adults who think they may have ADHD, even if they haven’t been diagnosed. She is looking for people who do not have a lot of health problems as she doesn’t want other medications to interfere, including marijuana use.

Hazelbaker said she is happy to take part and found a medication that works for her, and hopes her time in the ongoing study may help others.

Some of the visits are scheduled on Saturdays with all lab work done at one location. If you are interested, contact the Center for Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine if you are interested.

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