Nursing mothers offered more protection in workforce due to legislation

Nursing mothers offered more protection in workforce due to legislation

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Nursing mothers will have more protections at work since the Pump for Nursing Mothers Act went into effect Friday.

8 News Now connected with an expert who expanded on what it means for the average person in a similar position.

The Pump for Nursing Mothers Act was originally passed in December of 2022, and as of April 28th, it is in effect.

Andrea Ippolito with Simplified said it allows 25% of women in the workforce who weren’t previously covered, to now have access to certain protections.

It’s a very important piece of legislation that gives women a protected place to pump other than a bathroom, and it also allows them to have protected time to pump and get paid for that time.

Ippolito works directly with pregnant mothers, to help with breastfeeding and support.

From pregnancy to after birth, returning to the workforce and developing plans for pumping.

Mothers she said are relieved that they don’t have to advocate for these options, but that they are now part of the law.

“The Pump Act will affect over 9 million women that previously were not protected under prior legislation, Ippolito added. “Folks like teachers, nurses, NP, farm workers, transportation workers, computer programmers, and doctors. Oh, so many folks that weren’t protected in the prior legislation.”

She also shared that when the workforce lost millions of women during the “pink collar recession” of the pandemic, this law not only helped facilitate their return but keeps them in the workforce.

An employee who perceives a violation of the Pump Act may either file a complaint against the employer with the U.S. Department of Labor or bring a suit against the employer in the federal court system.

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