Surgical robots taking over medical field at Las Vegas hospital

Surgical robots taking over medical field at Las Vegas hospital

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Southern Hills Hospital opened its doors to give 8 News Now a look into how its surgical robots are taking over the medical field. On Sunday, CCSD students were allowed to get hands-on experience with the robots in hopes it would ease their fear of hospitals.

“Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center we partnered with the Las Vegas Science is everywhere, it is festival going on throughout the week. What we are doing here is showing how robots are saving lives, so I feel like a lot of people don’t realize that robots are involved in a lot of surgeries we have here at the hospital, its really cool kids get to come play with the robots see them see how they work,” Cyndi Lundeberg, director of marketing and communications said.

When asked about how the concept is being recieved, Lundenberg said the robots aren’t technically doing the sugrey and that they still have surgeons in the operating room who are the ones using the robots.

“Theu can do some things that the surgeon can’t,” Lundenberg said.

According to Lundenberg, the surgeon is the one who decides if it is OK for the robot to be used in surgery.

“If they are interested in using the robots, thats going to come with extra training but it is cutting edge technology most surgeons are on board. They want to be offering the best for their patients and we at Southern Hills want to be offering the best to out patients. Surgeons can decide what their specialty is and if they are going to use robots,” Lundenberg said.

The robots cost more than $1 million and are used for the simplest sugeries all the way to more advance procdures. The kids attending the event were also able to pretent to do surgery on teddy bears.

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