Check out the latest, greatest baby products coming to the market

Check out the latest, greatest baby products coming to the market

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Whether you are an experienced parent or getting ready to become a parent, there’s a three-day ABC Kids Expo happening at the Paris Las Vegas resort and it’s showing off the latest and greatest in new baby/child products.

The event is industry-only, but 8 News Now was given a sneak peek at items that have either recently become available or will soon be brought to the market in stores and online.

Representatives from JoolBaby showed off their Nova baby swing and folding travel potty, one of their best sellers, and available for purchase at Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

It’s for when you have to go, on the go,” said their Vice President, Carol Rogers.

Folding travel potties for families on the go. (KLAS)

Father of four, Judah Bergman, said he co-founded the company over child-proofing challenges and filled a need he noticed firsthand.

“I realized there are a lot of products within the baby space that could use modern solutions that would help my family.”

The latest in car seats and strollers. (KLAS)

For traveling families, car seats and strollers get a remix at Cybex. Their products are at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, or other specialty retailers. 

“Parenting is about backbreaking,” Melissa Huggard-Arata joked. She said the strain to load and unload in and out of their car seats is no longer a problem with the swivel design. It’s also compatible with their platinum stroller, the Coya, which folds small and is easy enough to carry onto an airplane.’s Nancy Lee shared consumer trends and gifting advice. “A typical gift for a baby shower often includes baby carriers, baby monitors, and soft goods like onesies.” Lee said.

The pandemic brought a newfound focus on learning toys, a wellness initiative for at-home food processing, and natural fiber-based clothing made with bamboo.  

Meantime, Masimo brings hospital-grade technology direct to the consumer with their latest launch, Stork. A soft silicone boot that is a smart home monitor that gives parents the ability to track their child’s temperature, oxygen levels, and pulse rates.  Eugene Goldberg with Masimo shared that the company has been in the hospital space for more than 30 years and its goal is to protect children. 

A soft boot tracks an infant’s health. (KLAS)

“This has been a labor of love for us, we’ve been revolutionizing the space in the hospital, and we’re thrilled to bring that same technology into parents’ hands,” Goldberg said. “I’m going to be a second-time dad and I am happy to be bringing my son into the world that has this kind of technology at our fingertips.”

Masimo Stork is available for pre-order and will ship in June.

The expo is in its 19th year and brings more than 2,500 people to Las Vegas.

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