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What politicians don’t want the public to learn | LETTER

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I am a registered independent with several concerns about some very important bills pending in Carson. City. My wish is that the Review-Journal publish how each legislator voted on every bill. This would help Nevadans determine for whom to vote in the future.

Eighty-five percent of Americans believe you should show ID before you vote. This has to do with common sense.

Nevada’s public schools have been ranked near the bottom for the past 20 years. School choice will undoubtedly improve every child’s educational prospects. The Opportunity Scholarships program (Assembly Bill 400) would help more disadvantaged children get the education they deserve.

Assembly Joint Resolution Bill 6 would have Nevada’s electoral votes go automatically to whoever has the most popular votes in the country. Why would we Nevadans want to take away our democracy?

With transparency, we voters will know who to vote in or out.

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