I-15 widening will reduce traffic to one lane in northeast valley at night

Northwest Las Vegas valley residents express frustration with ongoing construction

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Construction is seemingly a constant across the Las Vegas valley. 8 News Now heard from those experiencing backups due to a sewer construction project that is underway.

People are trying to find alternate routes to avoid the congestion in the area known as the medical corridor near Cheyenne Avenue and Tenaya Way. Joseph Leon lives near the area and told 8 News Now that the simplest tasks have become a big burden to him.

“It’s been frustrating with limited lanes,” Joseph Leon said. “Even making just a quick trip to Target takes 10 to 15 minutes when it usually takes five.”

There are plenty of retail stores near the intersection as well as the Mountain View Hospital. However, it is harder to navigate the area due to the road closures.

Brian Tam also lives in the area said that since the lane restrictions, he has seen drivers act out.

“I see a lot of people doing reckless things because they are getting impatient,” Tam said. “It’s terrible, it takes forever to get from the start of the construction to the freeway.”

The City is rehabilitating several pipelines and manholes across the valley to ensure the proper working of the sewer system. Luckily, the work is almost complete with the scheduled completion of the portion of the project set for mid-June.

“I just hope they finish it soon. I’d like to see the streets not so cluttered with construction cones and equipment,” resident Marsha Maccallum said.

City Councilman Brian Knusden, who oversees the area, released the following statement:

“The City and our partners are working hard to ensure the infrastructure supports the residents we serve. We hear out residents and are working as fast as we can.”

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