Optical illusion experience opening on Las Vegas Strip, tickets available

Optical illusion experience opening on Las Vegas Strip, tickets available

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new collection of mind-twisting and eye-tricking exhibits is set to open on the Las Vegas Strip in June and tickets are on sale now, according to a press release.

Paradox Museum Las Vegas is an 11,000-square-foot destination that claims to be the first of its kind on the Las Vegas Strip that includes 90 exhibits of brain-bending illusions.

“Visitors will not only experience a fantastic time taking mind-bending photos but also will leave wondering what they just witnessed,” said Marc Gregory Tipton, the regional sales and marketing manager of Paradox Museum Las Vegas.

From now until Friday, June 30, interested guests can take advantage of a special “Anytime Ticket” price. That price is $27 for adults and $23 for children under 11. This pricing is available for visits through October 31.

Paradox Museum Las Vegas will be located at 3767 S Las Vegas Boulevard. The destination will be open every day from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tickets can be bought at the Paradox Museum Las Vegas website.

Each Paradox exhibit will be interactive, including sensory and educational experiences. The exhibits will have information about the science behind each optical effect.

According to the release, some of the exhibits that will be featured include:

Upside Down Room
“In the Las Vegas-themed Upside Down Room inspired by the city’s proverbial strip clubs, everything seems to defy gravity – that is until guests turn their photos upside down and observe the only thing defying gravity is themselves. When rotated 90 degrees, an ordinary room with a few construction tricks plays with guests’ perception of reality.”

Ambiguous Shapes Room
“In the casino slot machine-themed Ambiguous Shapes exhibit, perception of height, width, depth and position in relation to other objects plays an essential role. By rotating the object left or right, the observer can see that it looks different from two perspectives. Ambiguous objects change their appearances when they are reflected in a mirror. It is an optical illusion in which the observer’s mind abruptly changes the perspective of a picture or a shape to another equally possible.”

Colored Shadows Room
“In the Colored Shadows Room, three spotlights will feature the primary colors of red, blue and yellow. If the spotlights shine with the same intensity, the overlapping beam of light will be white. If a guest blocks one spotlight, they will then experience three different colored shadows, including yellow, magenta and cyan.”

Infinity Well
“Inspired by “Alice in Wonderland,” the Infinity Well gives the appearance of endless depth. Utilizing an infinite series of reflections in an artificially-made 40-centimeter-deep hole, the well creates false images and deceptive emotions in the brain. When guests look up at the ceiling, it makes them believe they’re in the bottom of the well. When guests look down, they may feel as if they are about to fall.”

Ames Room
“In the Ames Room, visitors will have the opportunity to grow and shrink in this exhibit of distorted perception. Widely used in TV and movie productions to create special effects, the Ames Room principle includes the floor and ceiling built at an angle to trick the eye. Both sides of the room appear to be the same but the actual shape is a trapezium.”

“Featuring the famous toy turned into an exhibit, the Kaleidoscope will feature patterns created by the visitors themselves. This freestanding exhibit works using the principle of multiple reflections. It consists of three equal mirrors set in the shape of a three-sided prism. Inside, the reflection of the objects move and combine with each other in a symmetrical dance forming a constantly changing pattern.”

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