3 arrested related to downtown Las Vegas parking garage attack

‘I was trying to survive,’ Las Vegas woman speaks out after brutal attack in downtown parking garage

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman who said she was left for dead after a gruesome attack in a Downtown Las Vegas parking garage is speaking out as the alleged perpetrators are expected to appear in court Tuesday.

“Doctors are really surprised I survived,” Kim told 8 News Now. “Their intent was to kill me.”

In the early morning of April 30, Kim said she and her friends were walking to their car on the 4th floor of the Binion’s Parking Garage when they said someone suddenly stole her friends necklace.

“I was just trying to go home, 30 more minutes and I would have been asleep in my bed,” Kim said.

Kim said after the robbery, she and her friends took off toward the first-floor exit of the garage when a car with the same group of people who allegedly robbed them got in their way. Kim said she got out to see what was going on and that is when they allegedly ran her over three times.

“My body has no traction, so the tires are just spinning on my body,” Kim said. “I was trying to survive.”

However, the purported attack did not stop there. Kim was then shot twice before the suspects drove away.

“I could hear the gunshots, but my mind, it just didn’t care I was just trying to not get my head squished,” Kim explained.

She was rushed to the hospital, where her injuries left her paralyzed for three days.

Almost a month later, Kim is at home trying to recover however, her scars serve as a reminder of the long road ahead of her.

“I can’t breathe, I can’t cough, sneeze, or hiccup without it piercing me,” Kim said.

Kim hired an attorney who said that the attack could have been prevented if there was help around.

“Not once does anyone encounter a security guard. Not at one point did a member of Binion’s team intervene or anyone there to help these kids in the parking lot,” Michael Miceli with Pitaro and Fumo Law said. “It’s negligence on their part, and for this to happen the way it happened, we do believe they should be held liable.”

Police later arrested three suspects, and Kim said she did not know any of her attackers.

“They were trying to continue on with their life while they thought they took one. I think they thought they killed me,” Kim said.

Laquinda Hayes, Antonio Hayes, and Mercedes Henderson are scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning as they face several charges.

Kim said she will be out of work for several months, but her family has set up a GoFundMe to help a “survivor in need of help.”

8 News Now reached out to Binion’s several times since the attack was first reported, but representatives have yet to respond.

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