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Nevada Democrats working on budget despite Lombardo veto threat

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Democrats in the Nevada Legislature are moving forward with their budget despite a threatened veto from Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo.

Work on the budget bills is only just beginning after seven bills were introduced Tuesday night.

Democrats have not passed — or even voted on — any of Lombardo’s bills. He said he would veto the budget if some of his priorities aren’t addressed. Democrats are a vote short of being able to override a Lombardo veto.

With the Legislature scheduled to adjourn on June 5, a special session appears to be on the horizon.

A school choice bill that is among Lombardo’s priorities was dropped when Democrats advanced an education bill of their own. Senate Education Committee Chair Roberta Lange (D-Las Vegas) said there was only time to hear one of the two bills.

The Assembly Ways & Means Committee voted to pass Assembly Bill 522 on Wednesday, providing funding for the salaries of state employees. The bill passed on a party-line vote.

“Nevada’s public servants are essential to our state’s continued success and to the well-being of our communities,” Assembly Speaker Steve Yeager (D-Las Vegas) said. “It is indefensible that every Republican on the committee voted against a measured and balanced budget for our public safety officers and state employees who have loyally stood by Nevadans.”

AB522 also provides cost-of-living adjustments and reinstates longevity pay for employees paid through the state’s general fund.

“By playing political games, they risk defunding many day-to-day services that keep our state operating, including police officers, correctional officers and those who serve our veterans,” Yeager said.

Last week, Lombardo voted against the Nevada Police Union collective bargaining agreement, prompting a statement on Twitter that union felt “betrayed.”

The budget bills introduced on Tuesday:

  • AB519: Capital projects for school districts
  • AB520: Appropriations for the support of civil government
  • AB521: Capital projects
  • AB522: Compensation for state employees
  • SB502: Provisions governing taxation
  • SB503: Funding for K-12 public education for the 2023-2025 biennium
  • SB504: Budget for state agencies will continue to report on the progress of each of the budget bills.

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